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Wynton Marsalis’ speech at Tulane

By January 20, 2006Uncategorized

Mayor Ray Nagin’s ill-considered remarks have gotten a lot of press.  Less noticed, but far more stirring and thoughtful, were the words of Wynton Marsalis.  It’s not surprising that we find more inspiration from our musicians than from our politicians. 

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  • Rob Hyndman says:


    A gem and a wonderful way to close out the week.


  • Seth says:

    I’m glad you put a link to this up. As a Tulane Alumnus, resident and lover of the city, it’s pained me immensely to see from afar the pig-headedness and buck-passing taking center stage rather than concrete efforts to make things better. Wynton’s speech couldn’t be more timely and more moving. I’ve linked to it, and will pass the link on to as many people as possible.


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