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Windows Service Pack 2 is not so good

By August 19, 2004web-tech

Walter Mossberg comments on the soon-to-be-officially-released supplement to Windows XP:

“Over the next few weeks, Microsoft will be rolling out a major, free security update to Windows XP. It’s called ‘Service Pack 2,’ or simply ‘SP2.’ I’ve been testing SP2 on two Windows computers, and it seems to work fine. I recommend installing it, if only because of the under-the-hood security improvements Microsoft claims it contains. But SP2 falls way short of what Microsoft could have done to fix the miserable state of security in Windows.”

A friend of mine just got a new Apple iBook and is giddy with joy. Of course, she is getting used to the differences between the Windows operating system and Apple’s OS X. She asked me why she was constantly getting prompted for her password whenever she installed a program, even though she was logged in as an administrator. “Welcome to world of real computer security,” I replied.

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