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Windows error messages make me feel at home

By December 27, 2004websites

Windows_errorWhen you travel away from your home you look for things that are familiar to make you feel more at ease.  Even though I don’t use Windows computers as much, I have one at work that sometimes offers me a friendly error message.  I usually don’t like seeing these messages.  And I never thought the day would come when I’d feel comforted by seeing one; but life is funny in how it makes you appreciate strange things at certain times.

On Christmas Day I was travelling to Panama with my two daughters and at one point we were racing through Houston’s George Bush airport trying to make our connecting flight, after having suffered a delayed departure from New Orleans. 

We missed the flight by 7 minutes, and wound up spending a lot of time at the airport trying to get another flight to Panama, which we weren’t able to get until the next day.  The airport was not exactly the ‘homey’ place where we had expected to spend Christmas day.  So it was kind of reassuring to look up at the flight status screen and see a familiar Windows error message.  Thank you Microsoft for making a frustrating Christmas Day just a little more bearable!

Note: click on the image to see a larger version of it if you want to read the error message

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