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Wi-Fi at ‘the old ballgame’

By April 30, 2004Uncategorized

If you go to SBA stadium to catch a San Francisco Giants baseball game don’t forget to bring your Wi-Fi enabled laptop. The official website proclaims the presence of free Wi-Fi and even has an FAQ section that answers important questions. For example:

Where in the ballpark can I access the Giants WiFi Network?

SBC Park offers WiFi coverage throughout the entire facility, from the gates at Willie Mays Plaza to the waters of McCovey Cove.

If you are interested in this news you might also want to check out the Wired Magazine article which features an interview with Bill Schlough, the Giants’ Chief Information Officer. I like his explanation of why they provided the Wi-Fi service: “We want to provide a growing subset of fans a way to enhance their experience at the ballpark with information related to the game. Beyond that, our fans may need to stay connected with work and e-mail. During day games, you’ll probably see a lot more e-mail use with business people playing hooky.”

P.S. If you want a better practice, check out this Ultimate Guide.
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