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The Blunt Truth

By November 28, 2016December 10th, 2019psychology, success mindset, wisdom

Everything you say will be interpreted through filters.

Much will be misinterpreted.

Choose your words carefully, with patience and empathy. But also, accept that you’ll be misunderstood.

Don’t be attached to the outcome of your words. People reach conclusions based their mental filters (as opposed to the words you use).

We all have mental filters.

We have beliefs that shape our expectations, which in turn shape our perceptions…which then determine our conclusions.

We have little influence over the conclusions of others. This is fairly easy to grasp.

But most of us would be astonished at how little influence we have over our own conclusions.

We’re oblivious to how our conclusions were formed.

We’re all swept along by a tidal wave of beliefs, expectations, and perceptions. Things we didn’t create.

We were too young when the process began.

Yes, we were curious as children.

But we mostly accepted the beliefs of our elders (Adults seemed so certain about so many things).

It seemed reasonable to assume that our elders adopted their beliefs with thoughtfulness and careful consideration.

We weren’t curious about how beliefs were formed in the first place.

We’re not as curious about things now.

But we are curious about why people so easily misunderstand us.

Instead, we should be curious about why we ourselves misunderstand.

Have you ever examined the true source of your conclusions?

Have you discovered your mental filters yet?

Buddha offered this advice over 2,500 years ago…

“Our life is shaped by our mind; we become what we think…As an archer aims an arrow, the wise aim their restless thoughts…”


In other words, find out what shapes your thoughts.

And when you speak, assume you’ll be misunderstood.

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