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Why your insurance claim will be delayed – Reason #219

By November 23, 2005Uncategorized

Craig Giesecke owns a business that was, as he puts it, ‘trashed’ by Katrina.  He filed a claim with his business insurer and received a visit from his adjuster.   The next communication was not about how much money he would receive, but about why his claim would be delayed.  I’m telling you, things are very strange in New Orleans right now.

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One Comment

  • We’re currently on our FOURTH homeowner’s adjuster. Drove 14 hours back to New Orleans specifically to meet with the first one. He was there with 2 other guys, they took all the info and a slew of pictures. Two and a half weeks later I got a call from a guy who said HE was my adjuster. We concluded that it was an error and my claim had been assigned twice. Got in touch with the first guy and he said he was fired. He said his numbers were too high so they canned him. Contacted the new guy, had my son go to the house to meet him because we’re too far away and too broke to make the trip again. He never showed up for the appointment. When my son called him he said he was in Baton Rouge, had been assaulted at one of the homes he went to in New Orleans and wasn’t coming back. Third guy put me at the top of the list and never showed up, then stopped returning my phone calls and e-mails. The fourth guy says my claim is closing this week – we’ll see. It’s a zoo out there.

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