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Why We Love New Orleans – Case Study #37

By September 24, 2006Uncategorized

If you stroll around New Orleans, especially when the town is full of tourists (which it is now because of the Monday Night Football game), you’ll have some magical encounters.  Like, for example, these street musicians who were so heart-warming that people stopped walking and suddenly started to dance.  And, I didn’t catch this on film, but at least twice during the perfomance cars passing by stopped so the driver could put a $5 bill in the tip box.  Apparently, the drivers knew the singers because they perform at a local church. 

Yes, the city’s infrastructure may be badly damaged, but our spirits are rising.  Little things like doo-wop street gospel add a lot of bouyancy. A Saints victory over the Falcons would help a lot too, but we can do fine with just the music on the streets.

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