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Why Mac’s are more secure than Windows computers

By September 21, 2003websites

David Pogue in the N.Y. Times addresses this misconception: “Mac OS X and Linux are virus-free because they offer virus writers a much smaller “audience” than Windows — a notion that’s been much repeated in the press, most recently last week’s BusinessWeek cover story. That, as it turns out, is a myth, no matter who repeats it. There’s a much bigger reason virus writers don’t like Mac OS X and Linux.”

The article goes on to explain that another reason why virus writers don’t attack Apple computers is that Mac OS X is inherently more secure than Windows. If I hadn’t recently started using OS X in my personal laptop I wouldn’t completely believe what Pogue is saying about Apple computers being more inherently secure. But, after a month of watching how Mac OS X operates I can say that it is clearly more secure. Nothing gets installed in my Apple computer without me entering a password, which prevents anyone from writing a program that automatically installs things on my computer (and certainly not without me noticing that an attempted installation is taking place). Gee, what a brilliant idea. I wonder why Microsoft hasn’t thought of it?

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One Comment

  • Demosthenes says:

    All this proves is that you mac guys are fanatics. If something happens to my PC, then I reboot and move on. I know that windows has its own flaws, but so does every other operating system. If someone says anything to make the mac seem inferior, then you iZombies will research for hours and hours trying to prove a point.

    P.s. This was sent from my iPhone.

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