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Where’s the Wi-Fi in Destin Florida?

I’m going to the Louisiana State Bar Convention at the SanDestin Resort in Destin, Florida. I googled to see if there was any Wi-Fi in the Destin area and found this review of the resort from a fellow who stayed at the resort in October of 2003:

the Baytowne Conference Center will attract the convention market (it caters to 1800 people). After touring the place, the only thing I found wrong was it lacked Wifi (wireless internet connection). However, I think after the staff heard all of us complain how important Wifi is that they will get it soon.

Well, it’s almost a year later and, guess what? They don’t have Wi-Fi yet. I just called and they don’t have Wi-Fi anywhere on the resort property. Sigh.

Boingo is showing a place that looks promising, so I’ll see about that one when I get there. Otherwise, I’m going to have to pay through the nose at the Business Center for hardline access. What was that William Gibson line? “The future is here; it’s just not evenly distributed.” Yep.

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