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What would you do if…?

By September 27, 2008Uncategorized

The other day I met Benjamin Reese, actually the Friday before Gustav hit. He’s a really interesting guy and I liked him a lot right off the bat. He mentioned this film that he had been working on and editing for many many hours, but which got messed up due a computer problem. He tried to show us a brief clip of the shortened version (post-computer glitch), but we had technical difficulties with that too.

He finally got it all fixed up (now that Gustav has passed) and I think it’s really amazing. It’s based on a single question, a really provocative question. Check it out.

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One Comment

  • Barney says:

    Ben is a neighbor of a good friend of mine, Eddie Breaux. We watched this video recently and also thought it was amazing. I have also watched the others he’s done and then most recently the video for 504ward and the Idea Village.

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