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What would Nietzsche do?

By February 12, 2008Uncategorized

Picture_5_2I’ve repeatedly confessed ignorance about politics. I didn’t major in political science, and have no great political instincts. I majored in philosophy for god’s sake. Philosophy is great for people who like to make grandiose arguments. Plato spoke longingly of “Philosopher Kings.” But today not many politicians care about philosophy. Nor do voters.

Still, can you imagine a State of the Union address given by, say, Frederich Nietzsche? Or better yet, how about a political contest between Nietzsche and Kierkegaard? How would Nietzsche explain his bold claim that ‘God is dead’ to average voters (many of whom believe that religious worship is of paramount importance)? The early poll results would probably favor Kierkegaard.

Obviously, things would get nasty quick. And this short video gives us a sense of how such a political contest might play out.

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