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What Shel Israel thinks about Venture Capitalists

By October 13, 2003websites

I met Shel last year at PopTech, and I’ll see him again in a few days at this year’s conference. When I do I’m going to tell him how much I liked his most recent “It seems to me” column entitled Last, kill the VCs which begins thusly:

“It’s my recurring fantasy. I’m driving down Sand Hill Road when I see a VC standing by the curb, his Brioni in tatters, his Ferragamos unshined. He holds a placard that reads, “Will fund for food.” Admittedly, if it comes to that, there will be lots of takers. However, I imagine the limited partners, who put up the fund’s cash to begin with, will be shopping for automatic weapons.”

Shel doesn’t have anything against VCs per se, but he thinks that some of them are not exactly helping the tech recovery. Why? Well, go read his column and see.

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