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What is your Myers-Briggs Personality Type?

By January 29, 2013self-referential

Lately, I’ve read several authors (here, here, and here) tout the benefit of understanding one’s Myers-Briggs personality type. So, reluctantly, I decided to take this free online test (72 questions). It was very easy, and fast. And I was flummoxed at what the results show. Apparently I’m an INTP which I checked against this online Myers-Briggs list of types.

According to that source, people with my personality type tend to:

 1. Be highly imaginative, even as adults

 2. Be technologically savvy

 3. Gravitate towards cutting edge approaches (especially technology)

 4. Highly value intelligence in friendships

 5. Challenge the status quo

 6. Provide maximum autonomy as a boss

 7. Prefer that their work speak for itself (and avoid self promoting)

 8. NOT be seen as a someone who “aims to please others”

 9. Be a serial hobbyist

10. Be seen as independent (in every way)

I don’t know how others tend to see me (#8 and #10), but every one of the other traits are spot on. And I’m sure my brother will laugh when he sees trait #9. 

P.S. If you want a better practice, check out this Ultimate Guide.
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