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What is happiness?

By August 26, 2005Humor

And now, for your thoughtful consideration, I offer the following aphorism that one of my philosophy professors once uttered.  It was offered as a throw-away comment, but somehow it burned a hole into my consciousness and I keep thinking about it.

See the happy idiot
He doesn’t give a damn.
I wish I were an idiot.
My God!  Perhaps I am.

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  • James Cahn says:

    Dear Henry Schlatman:

    What exactly did you say? Your “thus” seems not to depend upon what you stated earlier. In fact, would you just clarify everything you said? In fact, never mind, don’t talk. Thanks.


    P.S. glad your still alive Ernest.

  • Andy Lee says:

    Ernie, where you be? Hopefully someplace safe and out of the way of this nasty storm.

    We are in McComb, Miss., but not positive that we are far enough away.

    Guess we won’t be having that lunch tomorrow, after all.

    Your pal,- Andy

  • Henry Schlatman says:

    If you had the ability to have Absolute Knowledge of Absolutely Everything so you could be Unalienable Right Regardless would you want it? Thus Human Nature and Freewill take their Natural Course of Words and Actions.

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