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What I learned in Ohio: technology, forgiveness…

By June 22, 2011Uncategorized

I was in Ohio last Monday speaking to members of the bar association about digital lawyering (i.e. how to use technology to do a better job in less time, and with less stress). Brian Griffith took me to dinner on Sunday night and we had a great time talking about technology and the law.

I learned that the state court in Columbus just opened its architecturally stunning new building, which is filled with wonderful new technology. That court is using an e-filing system, and apparently doesn’t charge attorneys to view case documents.

Brian is a forward-thinking young attorney, and is pretty adept at gathering information. He has a couple of blogs, and a nice list of interesting podcasts. At dinner we talked about a lot of tech things (obviously), but we also talked about how important it is for us humans to get better at forgiving people for their mistakes. Bryan turned me on to this poignant story.

Yeah, technology can be interesting but forgiveness is much more important. And harder to do.

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  • Ernie, Thank you for your kind words! You have inspired me to put forth a renewed effort to update my blog and share my stories and technology tips.

    I enjoyed your CLE, and I think you should consider marketing it to new solo attorneys. I am the new chair of the Columbus Bar Solo/Small Firm Committee and I will certainly be recommending everyone try to attend your next session, or watch the videos online.

    I hope we will meet again soon.

    Best regards,Bryan

  • Shannon Phillips says:

    Great story on forgiveness. Here is another one. An oldie, but goodie:

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