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What do you live for?

Listening the Tracy Chapman’s Unsung Psalm today I was struck by this verse:

Do you live by the book; do you play by the rules?
Do you care what is thought by others about you?
If this day is all that is promised to you
Do you live for the future, the present, the past?

How do we learn to live our lives in the present moment?  Is it simply a matter of reading some books and working through a few exercises?  Once we learn ‘the trick,’ can we simply check that off as a ‘completed task’ or do we have to maintain continuous attention?  How hard is it to live in the present moment?

These are rhetorical questions.  And yet they are probably not meaningless questions to ask.   I think about them a lot, and so I thought I’d throw them out here for whatever it’s worth.  I don’t expect anything by asking the question.  But, thinking about all this reminded me of a small favor that I’d like to request of my friends.  It isn’t something that you need to worry about now, but please remember to do this for me in the future now.

When my life in this world comes to an end, I would appreciate it if, at the end of whatever ceremony folks are inclined to have, that Unsung Psalm be played (and the words to the song be distributed beforehand).  Followed by 5 minutes of silence.

Then feel free to bury me next to my iPhone.  😉

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