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Wesley Clark for POTUS?

By September 22, 2003politics

I don’t know why I was intrigued by the prospect of Wesley Clark entering the race for POTUS. If I had thought about it more I would have realized that one has to be skeptical of a non-politician type who enters the race at this late stage. Why not sooner? Is it for the reasons given by William Safire? Maybe.

Right now he’s got good poll numbers. But so what? The press is tired of covering Howard Dean. They want a new story to tell. So Clark will have good numbers for a while. No doubt the other Dems want to see Clark chop-block Dean so they can claim their rightful place in the line of ascendancy. I’m glad the intelligent bloggers who enjoy politics are covering the presidential race. I get woozy and nauseous when I spend too much time thinking about how politics works. Or doesn’t.

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