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Weekly Law Blog Roundup

By November 3, 2004Uncategorized

Been awhile since I posted one of these, so this one will be a doozy. Lawrence Taylor is a DUI attorney in Los Angeles, former prosecutor, Fulbright Professor of Law (Japan), Dean of the National College for DUI Defense, and author of Drunk Driving Defense (5th ed). His weblog is called DUIBLOG.

And Sandy Hausler has a new weblog called FAPE Page, which is about special education law. FAPE means “free appropriate public education to which all children are entitled.”

David Traver has a website called SSA Connect which provides useful legal information about Social Security Law issues. According to David, the site “has excellent content posted by attorneys, representatives, and Social Security Administration insiders. It also has links to recent authority, including cases nation-wide and current SSA law. It is a great place to ask highly-technical disability law questions and get well-reasoned responses.” And there is an XML/RSS feed.

Mongo like RSS feeds.

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