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Weekly Law Blog Roundup

By June 30, 2004Uncategorized

An anonymous in-house lawyer at a large corporation (which s/he calls ‘Ginormous Corporation’) is blogging away at a site called Running With Lawyers. I particularly liked this post about those time-wasting conference calls that some lawyers are elevating to an art form (an art form that should not receive any more funding). It’s good to see an in-house lawyer blogger join the ranks, even if it is under the cloak of anonymity.

Point of Law is a new weblog/webzine started by the conservative think tank The Manhattan Institute. Walter Olson, who works at the M.I. and started the popular site is a featured writer. Point of Law also has an RSS feed, which is excellent (wish they were ‘full feeds’ though). Definitely worth checking out. So congratulations to Walter, Ted and the others who put this site up.

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