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Weekly Law Blog Roundup

New York Civil Law is new blawg that covers “New York Appellate Law, Civil Procedure, Insurance Coverage and Defense and other interesting issues.” It’s run by an unnamed associate (1999 law grad) at the Albany, New York office of Goldberg Segalla. Best of all, it has an RSS/XML feed.

Now, here’s something that will surely whet your appetite for information about blawgs. Some outfit named EDDix (Electronic Discovery Information Exchange) has ranked the 50 best law blogs. The ETA blog is listed as a ‘must read,’ which is nice. However, I would substitute in Underneath Their Robes as a ‘must read’ weblog, which isn’t even listed among the top 50. Any site that provides gossip about federal judges (and better yet, links to their appearances on the ‘Dating Game’) is obviously a must read weblawg.

Update: I notice that EDDix didn’t include The Trademark Blog (by Marty Schwimmer) in its top 50. That’s a serious oversight.

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