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Weekly Law Blog Roundup

By July 21, 2004Uncategorized

Well, I only have one annoucement to make today and it’s this: Tom Mighell, Dennis Kennedy, Marty Schwimmer and I have started a group weblog called The Blawg Channel. I didn’t realize how quickly our discussions would result in the blog going live, but Dennis believes in ‘fast prototyping’ and the rest of us believe in Dennis.

The URL is kind of funky because it’s piggybacking on my TypePad account, but soon (through the magic of domain mapping) it will have a normal URL.

So what’s the purpose of this weblog? To create a weapon of critical mass and use it for the benefit of mankind. Okay, not really. It’s more like four guys who want to see some positive changes in the legal world, and, more particularly, in the newly-minted realm of lawyer blogs. Somehow the Internet seems to have injected steroids into the concept of self-publication, and we believe that we can use this blog in a way that is beneficial to lawyers (especially those that who aren’t themselves blogging but who, nevertheless, want to tap into blogs as a source of useful legal information). And, since I mentioned steroids, I should mention, for what it’s worth, that a couple of us are even willing to submit to drug tests.

Anyway, check out the weblog and tell people about it if you think it’s a good thing. Also, if you want to join the club we’d be happy to have you. The requirements are kind of indeterminate right now, but I can say for certain you’ll have to be able to put up with ‘fast prototyping.’

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