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Weekly Law Blog Roundup

By July 28, 2004Uncategorized

Capital Defense Weekly is a weblog that covers criminal death penalty cases. It doesn’t have an RSS feed, but it does have an email subscription service. And it has a great list of legal blogs, grouped by jurisdiction.

True Believer is a weblog by a “Santa Barbara lawyer who dares to explore the madd, madd world of DUI.” He practices from the defense side and that’s the perspective that he brings to his weblog. It has an RSS/XML feed.

New to the blawg world is Geoff’s Lawgems a weblog by a guy named ‘Geoff,’ N.Y. Medical Malpractice by Gerry Oginski and a group blog called Puerto Rico Association of Criminal Defense Attorneys. No feeds available.

And a weblog devoted exclusively to the proposed legislation known as the INDUCE act (“The Inducing Infringement of Copyrights Act”), which is a bad idea. The Act that is, not the blog. It has an RSS/XML feed.

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