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Weekly Law Blog Roundup

By August 27, 2003Uncategorized

Schadenfreude is a TypePad blog by an “attorney/corporate lackey” from New Orleans who now lives in Memphis.

Declarations and Exclusions is another TypePad blog, which provides “News and Comment on California Insurance & Professional Liability law.” It is run by a partner in a small Pasadena, California law firm.

Open Source Software Blog is run by Rod Dixon, a lawyer and law professor who seeks to provide “a compilation of pointers to information on law and technolgies, including open source software.”

May it Please the Court is the handiwork of J. Craig Williams of the Williams Firm. A major bonus, which was reported by Denise Howell, is that Craig Williams has enticed California Appellate Court Judge William Bedsworth to convert his monthly web-posting into a weblog entitled A Criminal Waste of Space. I think this represents the only weblog run by a judge —at least that I know about.

Infringing Actions is run by Kelly Talcott, a registered patent attorney. His editorial objectives include “bringing you recent events in Intellectual Property and Technology law, plus my attempt at reasoned commentary.”

Ask the Law Guy is a blog by Bryan Gates a lawyer in Winston-Salem, N.C. He also has another blog called “I respectfully dissent” that can be accessed from his Law Guy blog.

Advocare assures us “No, I’m not selling vitamins 😉 My profession is mediation, law, advocacy, and part-time journalist/geek.”

Now turning to the law students, we have Biting Tongue (“the swallowed words of a 1L, class of 2006”); Dylan Goes to Law School (“Thirty-something computer geek leaves working world and goes to law school to become a geek of a different color”), and Securities Law Beacon, the ambitious project of 3L Alexander Mackey who aims to provide “shared scholarship, commentary and news in securities law.”

Finally, I was going to chide Alice W. for not posting but I see that she is back and celebrating her blogiversary. Happy Blogiversary Alice! We missed you, and your always tart observations on life in law school. Good to have you back.

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