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Weekly Law Blog Roundup

By September 3, 2003Uncategorized

First off there is the LLRX Roundtable article entitled Are Blogs Right for Law Firm Marketing? featuring well known law bloggers Jerry Lawson and Dennis Kennedy.

And speaking of Jerry Lawson, he has started a great new law blog called the eLawyer Blog. This is a team blog focused on how to use technology to better deliver low cost legal services to the poor. The basic idea is to show how lawyers can serve an underserved market, while making a healthy profit. He will be joined by John DeBruyn, Ron Friedmann, Richard Granat, Dennis Kennedy, Marc Lauritson, Doug Simpson and Richard Zorza.

And Jerry has written an LLRX article for public interest law and government lawyers entitled Weblogs for Public Lawyers. And LLRX, in case you don’t know, is a wonderful legal website run by Sabrina Pacifici, who also has a weblog called beSpacific.

This one’s been out for awhile but it is so good that it bears a repeat annoucement. Daubert on the Web is a great resource on expert witness issues. The Daubert weblog is called blog 702 (after rule 702 of the Federal Rules of Evidence, which obviously deals with expert testimony). And since we are discussing expert witness resources, you should check out this post at LexisOne.

Now back to the newcomers…

Walter Hutchins’s eponymous blog is called Walter Hutchins’ blog. He is a law professor at Smith School of Business at the University of Maryland. Walter provides comments on a variety of things, but mostly related to China’s developing markets for stocks and other securities.

William Shears is the pseudonym of “two lawyers who are older and wiser” and who want to pass that wisdom on to young lawyers. Hence, they have penned a book entitled The Young Lawyers’ Guide to Power and Money, which Denise has given a thumbs up to. I concur with Denise and write separately only to say that it is indeed filled with practical tips for young lawyers which I wish I had known about when I started out in the practice of law.

Denise Howell recently summarized some interesting law blog statistics that are worth reading. I know that when I started blogging in March of 2002 there probably were less than 30 lawyers who were blogging. Maybe there were more, but not many more. My own Law Blog Outline has a fair number of law blogs listed, but unfortunately I haven’t been able to keep it up lately (technical problems) so it can no longer be regarded as a useful resource.

So Denise is really the one who has done the best job of keeping tabs on lawyer bloggers, for which she deserves rousing praise. Also deserving of praise these days are the wonderful services such as My Detod and the Daily Whirl. These two sites are really amazing because they keep track of the daily postings of many law bloggers, who are everyday growing in number.

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