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Weekly Law Blog Roundup

By September 24, 2003Uncategorized

Legal References is a blog covering law, librarianship, research, and technology by a person identified as “z.” Perhaps, an international z of mystery.

Whilst Patent Pending chronicles the life of “an IA (“incompetent attorney”) residing in Manhattan; practicing law; deep frying things; and generally living for your amusement.” I like the post about censorship and Dire Strait but I can’t give a precise link because Patent Pending’s site not only doesn’t yet have a Patent, but it also lacks “permalinks.” (for those of you who are not versed in the secret ways of the Blogger, a permalink is a thingy that follows a post that lets you create a permanent link to that post; hence, the name “permalink”).

Showing up in my referrer logs one day was this chick, the weblog of a 27 year old New Zealand lawyer. Not too focused on the law, which is good. If I lived in New Zealand I’d find a lot of things to talk about besides law. Actually, I’d probably just wander around in awe of the majestic scenery.

I’ve probably mentioned this one before, but it deserves a reprise. Stuart Levine has a great weblog about Tax & Business Law. Don’t wait until April 15th to visit.

And now we turn to the annoucements section. According to John at Legal Reader the owner-operator of the SoCalBlog has become a dad. Congratulations! Again, I can’t find a permalink to the event. People, please! You don’t have to send out fancy annoucements, but at least memorialize your special occasion with a permalink. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

Lastly, Eugene Volokh has given birth to a book entitled Academic Legal Writing: Law Review Articles, Student Notes, and Seminar Papers. Looks like a good thing for you Law Review types to pick up. Or they make great gifts for the legal academic in your family.

P.S. If you appreciate my observations, you might want to join my inner circle.


  • EB says:

    wandering around that majestic scenery of NZ-Aotearoa these days, you’d quickly find yourself mired down in the law: who owns the seabed and foreshore? a tale of two laws – customary rights and the crown.

  • John says:

    Sorry, I should have been more clear in my post . . . . When I said that SoCalLawBlogger “writes” to say he is a new dad, I meant that he sent me an email saying so, which I quoted from in my post. He didn’t post anything about it on his own blog, so there is nothing to permalink to other than my post, which you did.

  • sarah says:

    Thanks! Yes, not too much on the law front these days – those conversations (usually rants about my masters research) are saved for my nearest and dearest. Besides, wouldn’t want any potential employers to think I was an angry, bitter young thing with too many ideas of my own… 😉

    I’ve updated your link, too. I don’t get out much, so it’s great to see you’re using TypePad. I’m a moderator on the Movable Type forum, so I like to see it’s sibling thriving! 😀

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