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Weekly Law Blog Roundup

By October 1, 2003Uncategorized

A federal judge with a weblog? You betcha. Jerry Buchmeyer, a district judge in the Northern District of Texas who is well-known for his humor, has a weblog. The site doesn’t specifically say it is a weblog, but it has permalinks so I say it’s a weblog. It’s not like he can overrule me. Check out the links to his articles, including the one about the lawsuit against Satan. Great stuff.

Turning to practitioner type weblogs, Corp Law Blog by Mike Sullivan is an excellent resource for corporate information, and CrimLaw is a good blog about criminal law and related topics.

Now for the academics. Professor Bainbridge of Corporation Law and Economics had a great post addressing the question of why there are so few conservatives in academia. Prof. Bainbridge also recently pointed out that “the eminent D. Gordon Smith of the Wisconsin law school and the Venturpreneur blog is blogging again after a several week hiatus.”

David Opderbeck has a new blog. David is a visiting associate professor teaching intellectual property law at Seton Hall, and writes about Law, Science and Technology. [via Bag and Baggage]

The Saarland University Law School in Germany launcheded it’s own blawg named LAWgical Most, but not all topics posted in “LAWgical” are related to the law of new media. Thanks to Rainer Langenhan for the notice.

Moving to a new cyber-locale is Advocare, a weblog run by a fellow who is a mediator. More interesting to me is the fact that he plays bass guitar.

Finally, it is with great pride that I announce a milestone achievement for one of my favorite law blogs Sugar Mr. Poon?. That blog is now the #1 result for the word “poon” on Google. Congratulations Mr. Poon! I know that your parents must be overcome with pride. Interestingly, the #1 result for the word “pootie” is Thomas Pynchon’s weblog.

P.S. If you want a better practice, check out this Ultimate Guide.


  • Tom Mighell says:

    Ernie, that’s not really Judge Buchmeyer’s blog. For some time now Buchmeyer has had a column in the Texas Bar Journal where he reprints funny things that are said/heard at trial, in depositions, or in legal pleadings. Many years ago he compiled all his columns into a book, and the State Bar of Texas is now reprinting them in weblog format.

  • courtney says:

    Ernie…I am so proud of myself..haha…still in my trial period and am #1 result in Google already!!And you ask, for what?Jewelry with digital pictures???? Can you imagine..

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