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Weekly Law Blog Roundup

By October 29, 2003Uncategorized

Paul is 27 and lives in Edinburgh, Scotland. He’s a 1st year Law & Politics Student at Edinburgh Law School. He is studying Scots Law (a Civil Law system, distinct legal system from those in other parts of the UK, but not unlike the legal system here in Louisiana). His blog is called An Oasis and it is definitely a place worth visiting.

Mark is a trial lawyer (plaintiff side) in Chicago and his weblog is entitled trials and tribulations. Mark plans to use his blog “to mention developments in the law and also write about some of the ‘interesting’ things that occur in [his] practice.”

Lorne MacLean of the MacLean Family Law Group has just launched a blog at blog focused on matrimonial law in British Columbia, Canada. His firm is based in Vancouver; he represents high net worth clients in matrimonial law matters.

Andrew Raff (Brooklyn Law ’05) has a new blog category devoted solely to tech and IP.

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