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Weekly Law Blog Roundup

By February 18, 2004Uncategorized

Matthew Buchanan is a patent attorney with a firm in Perrysburg, Ohio. His newly minted weblog is called Promote the Progress. Matthew plans to deal with the following topics: news summaries for patent procedures around the world, notes on patent-related litigation, notes on court decisions, and general items related to portfolio building and management. Looks like a top-notch resource if you are interested in patent law. RSS/XML feed available.

Meanwhile, criminal law practitioners in California should check out Jonathan Soglin’s weblog: Criminal Appeal. The focus is on “post-conviction practice in the Ninth Circuit and the California state courts.” Jonathan’s got a great list of categories so if you are looking for information on a specific thing, such as “Sentencing Guidelines,” he’s made it easy to find. RSS/XML feed available.

Turning now to International affairs, Martin Ertl is a lawyer turned entrepreneur with a weblog entitled He has been blogging for a while on Canadian politics, Canadian legal developments, and other things that strike his fancy.

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