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Weekly Law Blog Roundup

By March 17, 2004Uncategorized

The feature blawg this week is And What Thanks Do We Get? The sub-title announces that this weblog is “Three Lawyers Teaching Young Lawyers To Steal Our Lunch,” which means that this is a weblog written from the perspective of partners in a law firm. Don’t see a lot of those, do we? Check out this observation:

When associates do math, scary things happen. We had one that thought it was enough to work the number of hours that would cover his salary. I quickly explained that that is not enough. I mentioned overhead like the telephone he was always on, the research software he never used because I guess he practiced law by calling his law school buddies, and electricity.

Posts like this are certain to draw reactions from the many blogs written by associates. But I, for one, am glad to see some other viewpoints. Associates can easily figure out what other associates think. Reading this weblog will drill them on the hardline, venal perspective. I think I’m going to like this weblog a lot (although I’d like it more if it had an XML/RSS feed).

Update: Apparently, there is controversy and speculation about this weblog. Is it a hoax? Who knows. But, it is well-written and, trust me, a lot of law firm partners think like this. Consider this weblog the “Howard Stern of Legal Weblogs.” They are saying things that many people would press their ears against a wall to hear. But the same people who will try to eavesdrop to hear this sort of thing will, if they see it discussed in public, denounce it and then try to silence the broadcast. I say it’s better to let the authors speak. Whether it is a hoax or not doesn’t matter. The fact that it represents a real viewpoint is the thing that draws our attention, and which deserves to be contemplated and discussed.

Also, check out DeNovo, a weblog by the former authors of a weblog called En Banc. Clearly, another great weblog.

A lot of online resources are cropping up that are state-specific. Wisconsin dwellers may appreciate the Wisconsin Personal Injury Lawyers Blog run by Frank Pasternak. Need some legal resources in the Sunshine State? Check out Sui Generis, “your guide to legal research in Florida.” And moving now to the most idyllic venue, for news about legal matters in the U.S. Virgin Islands you should check out Welcome to Paradox.

Last, but not least, there is Logos, a weblog by Sean Fosmire that discusses legal and constitutional issues pertaining to the proper role of religion in American society.

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