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Weekly Law Blog Roundup

By March 31, 2004Uncategorized

the [non]billable hour by Matt Homann is a great weblog that, shamefully, I had not noticed until this past week. The site’s tagline “we don’t need no stinkin’ timesheets” reveals the author’s commitment to alternative billing methods. I can vouch for the author of this weblog personally, since we met last week at the ABA Tech Show in Chicago. Matt is a great guy and is committed to changing the legal profession for the better.

Not for Sheep is a law student weblog that links to the controversial weblog And What Thanks Do We Get, with approval.

Law Current Events and Culture is the weblog of New York attorney Frederic Abramson, and it appears to be specializing in the extreme short post.

Begging the Question is another great weblog from a lawyer that chronicles his daily struggles. He likes the Sugar Mr. Poon weblog, and that demonstrates some great taste.

OverPundit seems to have been operational since last December. How did I miss it for so long? But then Law Geek by Jason Schultz has been in business for the same length of time and I missed it too. So I guess that tells you either the weblawgs are proliferating at an explosive rate, or I’m losing touch with the blawgosphere.

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