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Weekly Law Blog Roundup

By April 14, 2004Uncategorized

The National Environmental Policy Act weblog is about, well, NEPA obviously. Looks like a great resource for environmental lawyers.

Florida Musings provides “commentary and analysis on land, growth, politics, elections, ethics, the elderly, history and art in the Sunshine State.” Whew!

Commercial Leasing Law Blog talks about “issues and developments in commercial leasing, by commercial real estate attorney Chan Stroman, principal of Landlord Counsel LLC.”

Last, is a weblog that has nothing much to do with legal matters; it’s a weblog about economics, but it is so good that I thought it should be included in this week’s round up. Definitely, check out the Idea Shop, especially the recent post about why it is that gas prices are quick to rise but slow to fall (short answer: don’t be so quick to blame ‘the monopolists’).

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