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Weekly Law Blog Roundup

By April 21, 2004Uncategorized

The big news in the blawgosphere is that Howard Bashman’s popular ‘How Appealing’ blog is now affiliated with Legal Affairs magazine and can now be found here. Congratulations, Howard!

Speaking of blawg movement, Larry Bodine has set up a new blog at this address. He’s also renamed his blog the Professional Marketing blog, to expand its scope a bit more. Larry, Rick Klau and I were on a panel together at the recent ABA Tech Show in Chicago and I found Larry to be knowledgeable about professional marketing. He works with a lot of law firms, but I gather his practice includes helping accountants and other professionals who want to use the web better to market themselves. So definitely check out his blog if you are looking for some useful marketing tips.

Weblogs are a potential marketing tool, and that’s why Kevin O’Keefe has come up with the idea of taking on the hard work of adding content to a weblog for those lawyers that don’t want to, or who don’t have time to. His initiative is called lexBlog, and I think it has potential. Or I hope it does, because the more lawyers and law firms that blog the better.

Roger Bonine is the IT manager of a Southern law firm with 180 attorneys, and he’s blogging about his role with the firm, with a special emphasis on software development. He’s based in Chattanooga where about 80 of the attorneys are located, but the firm has offices in Atlanta and Nashville.

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