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Weekly Law Blog Roundup

By April 28, 2004Uncategorized

Dennis Crouch is a patent lawyer with a Chicago law firm, and he’s started a legal weblog with a great name: Patently Obvious. An RSS/XML feed is available.

Michael Fitzgibbon is an attorney with a firm in Toronto, Ontario who’s been blogging for a while and seems to have developed a regular posting routine over at Thoughts from a Management Lawyer. His blog is about Canadian labour and employment law issues.

Dimitry Tsimberg has a legal news portal called Go for Law that looks pretty interesting.

Remember that if you want to see all of my posts relating to new legal weblogs, you can just click on the link below that says “Law Blogs.” This is an example of the ‘category’ feature of this weblog, and it works for any post that I put out; if you are interested in seeing other similar posts then just click on the category link following the post. The complete list of categories is set out on the left hand side (down below) of this weblog.

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