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Weekly Law Blog Roundup

By June 16, 2004Uncategorized

Underneath Their Robes (“UTR”) is a combination of People, US Weekly, Page Six, The National Enquirer, and Tigerbeat, focused not on vacuous movie stars or fatuous teen idols, but on the federal judiciary. The mission of UTR is (caution – provocative metaphor ahead) “to get ‘underneath the robes’ of our federal judges, to find out what they are really like–not as impersonal guardians of the Constitution, or as disembodied legal minds analyzing complex legal disputes, but as human beings. After all, federal judges are people too, with unique personalities, private lives, and peccadilloes, all just waiting to be explored.” The full mission statement appears here. You’ve got to be impressed with a blawg that has a ‘mission statement.’ I’m more impressed that they have an XML/RSS feed.

And another weblog about the federal judiciary is Second Opinions, which covers the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit.

Thoughts from a Management Lawyer is a weblog about Canadian labour and employment issues written by Michael Fitzgibbon. I may have mentioned this one before, but it’s worth a second mention in any case.

Displacement of Concepts is a weblog I hadn’t heard about until recently when they linked back in mild disagreement to a recent post. The weblog is brought to you by a few folks at the University of East Anglia and the Norwich Law School in the UK. Having people disagree with me from so far away is one of the things I like most about having a weblog. My wife doesn’t feel as much pressure to keep me in line, knowing that there are others on the Internet who can fulfill that role. Anyway, I digress; check out their weblog for some fine commentary on technology, innovation, law, legal education, economics, cyberspace, and intellectual property.

And though it’s not a blog, but it’s definitely close in an ‘internet-savvy’ kind of way, check out Steve Eugster’s site. He’s running for judge in Spokane County, WA and you can learn more about his candidacy at this page. Good luck Steve!

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