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Websites or Weblogs? – What’s best for attorneys?

By February 2, 2004Uncategorized

Obviously, this question has no one answer, but Howard Bashman’s recent decision to start his own law practice (and leave the big firm in the big city) is illustrative of the power of weblogs. Here is an excerpt from Howard’s post about this:

This Web log, which has already brought me to the attention of so many potential referral sources and potential new clients, will be unaffected by my move. Indeed, at my new office, I’ll be sharing a T-1 line with far fewer people…Ironically, the only thing that I won’t be offering my appellate clients from the very first day is a law firm Web site, although that will follow quickly, and I’ll be sure to announce it here once it goes live.

No, it’s not really ironic at all. Howard’s weblog helped propagate news of his great talent and strong reputation, and made it easier, at a minimum, for him to set out on his own.

Congratulations to Howard! I expect that soon enough he’ll be adding bright young lawyers to help him use up that 1.44 Mgs of bandwidth. In fact, I bet resumes will quickly pour in from the best and brightest young judicial clerks around the country and that Howard will have no trouble at all growing his law firm (if he wants to, of course).

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