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We all have regrets

By October 27, 2005humor

The description of this eBay item is hilarious.  You have to love a description that begins with: "You are bidding on a mistake…"  I’m glad to say that I never owned a pair of leather pants, but then there other mistakes I’d like to auction off on eBay.

P.S. If you appreciate these kinds of observations, you might want to read this as well.


  • Troy Worman says:

    If only it was this easy. I would sack up all of my regrets now. Well, at least, those that I remember.

  • Ah, how I love a good eBay auction description. Make sure to read all the questions and answers. And for something *really* funny (in fact, ROTFL funny), go to the guy’s feedback page and read the feedback he has left for others:

  • that was a pretty harsh review on those leather pants. having owned some pleather silver pants, i take offense. yes, it may not be ideal to wear these pants on a first date, or even on a regular basis, but you must wear them like a white belt… when you are ready to rock.

    for several years, my pants were with me in those wild times on halloween, unusual parties, or times where i was drunk and just happened to find them. yes, i was single and yes, i did hear they may look gay… but what a better way to meet an unsuspecting lady. they may not have worked all of the time or for everyone, but i had some fun when i did where them.

    where are my silver pleather pants now, you might ask? did i take them with me when i evacuated? no, sadly they did not make the cut when i moved in with my fiance. they are in a goodwill shelter somewhere… waiting to rock.

    *buyer of pants beware that all bodily fluids will flow out of leather pants and into your socks and shoes.*

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