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Vote for this blog? Nah!

By November 28, 2007Uncategorized

The ABA Journal has posted its list of the top 100 law blogs.  Somehow my blog wound up on the list, under a category called "Generally Speaking."  If you want to vote for this blog click here.  However, I recommend How Appealing or Overlawyered as far better choices –assuming you believe in the whole ‘ranking’ thing (which I don’t).

It’s interesting to note the ABA’s list of "Seven lawyers who started the blawg revolution." Denise Howell, who is listed first, would be on anyone’s list of blawg pioneers.  But three of the other six people listed there were not, in my opinion, present at the start of the ‘blawg revolution.’  Of course, I guess it depends on when you think the blawg revolution started –assuming you believe that there has been a ‘blawg revolution’ (which I don’t).

I should mention that the description of my blog, which suggests that I had a ‘harrowing escape’ from New Orleans after Katrina," is highly exaggerated (I didn’t create that description, by the way).  I admit that I felt a lot of apprehension about what was happening after the storm passed through town. But my ‘escape’ consisted of a leisurely drive to the Interstate, followed by an uneventful exit.  The most remarkable thing I saw as I escaped was a portable electronic road sign that said matter of factly: "New Orleans Closed."  One of my greatest regrets in life is that I didn’t stop to take a picture of that sign.  Well, I should say that it would be my greatest regret –assuming I believed in regrets.  But I don’t.

My other hypothetical regret is that I didn’t participate more fully in the blawg revolution.  But, assuming that it hasn’t actually started yet, I suppose there is still hope.

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  • J-Red says:

    Christ I miss New Orleans. They should tell you that in the Tulane prospectus. “After graduating, you will spend the rest of your life wondering why you ever left New Orleans, but never able to muster the gumption to abandon your family and loved ones to return.”

  • tok says:

    I gladly voted for you but have a question. In typical NOLA-political fashion, I need to know when do I get my money? There’s plenty of room in my freezer so dig deep.

  • Robert says:

    Aw man, I read that post and the first thing I thought was, “I love that guy.” Beaten by Denise, as ever. Which, upon further reflection, is just fine.

  • Purely and simply wonderful. Love ya.

  • Nan says:

    Ernie –

    After receiving a number of reminders from Lat to vote for ATL in some other poll a few weeks ago, your approach is totally refreshing. Do you promise you’re really an attorney ernie?

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