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The voice in your head

By July 13, 2014July 26th, 2018Book Recommendations, mindfield, wisdom

Have you ever noticed the little voice in your head?

Every human who has learned to speak a language has a little voice in their head.

Thinking is possible only because of that little voice.

If you notice yourself thinking, as you are thinking, then you’ve noticed the little voice in your head.

So what?

Well, it might be important to know how that little voice operates.

What kind of effect does it have on your life?

Does your little voice send you encouraging thoughts? Or, does it dwell on pessimistic things?

Usually the little voice sends you messages based on things that happened in your early childhood.

Was your childhood traumatic or challenging?

What can you do if the little voice sends you self-defeating thoughts, or harsh self judgments?

You can let TV or the Internet distract you. You can take medication (increasingly what we do now).

You can go into therapy (also popular).

You can read self-help books, or attend seminars on self-empowerment.

There are a lot of things you can do to stave off your existential angst, but in the end…

The little voice is always there.

So, maybe you should just cozy up to the voice and find out what it’s all about.

The more you pay attention to the little voice, and notice what it’s doing, the more you’ll notice that it tends to follow predictable patterns.

Psychologists have a word for this: conditioning.

That little voice is a window into your human conditioning.

When you heed its reflexive judgments you’re expressing its conditioning.

Which is fine if its judgments tend to lead you to a happy and fulfilled life.

However, if you don’t like where your little voice keeps leading you, then you need to reprogram it.

How? Try meditation.

Meditation has worked well for millions of people (including me).

It’s scientifically proven to work.

Psychologists recommend it.

And it produces some amazing results even in strange situations.

Of course, most people won’t try meditation.

The voice in their head tells them not to.

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