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By November 30, 2006presentations

On December 7th I’ll be giving two presentations.  The first will be at the Sheraton, where I’ll be part of the Louisiana State Bar Association’s all day seminar, presenting on Electronic Discovery and the New Federal Rules of Civil Procedure from 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm. (click here to register, and click here to see the program details).  Here is a link of online resources I’ve put together for that presentation.

Then from 3:45 pm til 5:00 at the Hotel Monteleone I’ll be presenting to the Louisiana Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers with my good friend Rich Westling.  We’ll be talking about how lawyers can better use computers in their law practice.  Here is a link of online resources I’ve put together for that talk. For registration information about this seminar contact Jill Guillory at 225-767-7640.

Hope to see some of you at one of those events.

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One Comment

  • Business Traveler says:

    I am concerned about the free wireless network in New Orleans. Who is creating enough heat to get it working, and who is responsible to make sure that it works? Who is behind it and who is backing it?

    If it works well, convention goes and business travelers are going to love it. Geek conventions will come here to use it. If it does not work it is a big waste. But I have feeling cox cable and other local players may be lobbyng or somehow have their hands in making sure that the service does not compete with their service in any way. I know there is good story here! I can feel it!

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