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Upcoming ‘paperless lawyering’ seminars

By January 20, 2009presentations

Dane Ciolino and I plan to give more Digital Workflow seminars in the future.  Feedback from our recent half-day seminar was very positive, with most people saying they want more in-depth information about paperless lawyering—especially information on how to use Adobe Acrobat better.

Here are the topics that people requested, and which we plan to cover in the upcoming year:

  • Advanced PDF (bates-stamping, redaction, meta-data removal, OCR, digital signatures, and document production)
  • Practical E-Discovery (email gathering and production, privilege culling, working with outside vendors)
  • Organizing digital information in every day practice
  • Paperless depositions, hearings & trials
  • Effective use of video evidence 
  • Using Powerpoint (or Keynote) to persuade 
  • Effective E-mail management 
  • Web resources for lawyers 
  • Internet marketing for lawyers 
  • Apple computers in law practice 

If you’re interested in getting an email notice of these upcoming seminars click here.  We plan to give seminars outside of New Orleans (and even outside Louisiana) so if you’re from elsewhere go ahead and fill out the form. 

P.S. If you want a practice optimized for remote work & virtual collaboration, get this 24-page guide.

One Comment

  • Randy says:

    For internetmarketing for lawyers, I would suggest that small firms submit their website to free online directories such as It’s free and can help bring clients in the door.

    I would also be very interested in E-mail management and Adobe information, so please let us know when and where your plan on having the seminars.


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