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Typography for lawyers: listen to this podcast

By February 24, 2011law practice, websites

Victor Medina and Mark Merenda just interviewed Matthew Butterick, author of Typography for Lawyers, about how lawyers can make use of typography. Some lawyers say that typography doesn't matter, but Butterick says they don't really believe that. He notes that if one replaced the good typography of a magazine that they read with poor typography they would sense the deficiency immediately. 

The whole podcast is very interesting, and enlightening. Click here to access the podcast.

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One Comment

  • Hansel Harlan says:

    Ernie: Thanks very much for the tip about this book. Although most would consider typography a rather dry and technical topic, Butterick writes in an entertaining conversational style. And the content of the book is invaluable to me. I’m about halfway through with it, and it has been well worth the price. Thanks again.

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