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TypePad is worth checking out

By August 5, 2003websites

I’ve decided to check out TypePad in preparation for my conversion to Movable Type. Since I abandoned my Dell Latitude laptop I find myself in the position of needing to be able to post to my weblog from more than one computer. I’ve been intrigued by Movable Type and I decided to give TypePad a trial run (it’s free to try for 30 days).

This will give me something new to talk about besides how great my Apple Powerbook is, which I know is getting old.

TypePad has several levels of service: Basic ($4.95/month), Plus ($8.95/month) and Pro ($14.95/month). I’ve decided to try Plus, which allows you to create future posts. It also allows publishing of photo albums, and other things. Here is a handy chart of the features of each level of service. And here is an FAQ page that explains a lot about TypePad (even starting with what weblogs are).

Oh, and the monthly price includes the webhosting and 50MBs of storage (for the Basic level, or 100MBs for Plus and 200Mbs for Pro). So it’s a pretty good deal if you figure that the cheap hosting services charge at least $5.00 per month. And with TypePad you can start out at one level and if you decide to upgrade you can do so as soon as you need to.

It looks like TypePad has a lot of features that aren’t in Movable Type. One thing I am very intrigued by is the password protection option. This allows you to limit access to your site, which is great for organizations that want to have a web presence without making that presence completely public. This feature is only available in the Plus and Pro levels of TypePad.

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