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TypePad about to support domain names

By September 13, 2003Uncategorized

Awhile back I reserved the domain name I never used it. I was going to set up a Movable Type weblog but then TypePad came along and I tried it and fell in love. Now TypePad is about to support custom domain names, and I’ve beta tested it. It looks like it is accepting the domain so that if you type in you will get to this website.

I haven’t clicked the last little box in TypePad, which tells TypePad to “accept” the domain mapping. I’m not sure what greater benefit will come from checking that box (and my limited tech instincts are telling me not to attempt something that takes me farther beyond a state that I already am happy with; it usually means disaster). Anyway, next step: change the domain mapping for to to the PDF for Lawyers weblog. But first I need to perform a pagan sacrifice…

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