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Two questions for this blog’s readers

By June 11, 2008Uncategorized

So I have two questions, which the readers of this blog can help answer.

1) What are the cool vineyards to visit in Sonoma, CA? (I’m going there this weekend)

2) Who are the best local web designers here in New Orleans? (my friend wants to get some help building a simple website, but one that’s snazzy and well designed -i.e. visually appealing).

If you want to email me that’s fine, but if you leave a comment then other people can chime in.


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  • Beringer is a great winery but its in Napa. Also the Harvest Inn next to Beringer is a wonderful bed and breakfast.enjoy… have a glass on me.

  • The Harvest Inn is a real nice bed and breakfast in Napa. It is right next to Beringer a great vine to tour.


  • Jeff Richardson says:

    Lots of great wineries in Sonoma, but I particularly enjoyed one called Iron Horse. They do wine and champagne. In fact, they have done champagne for a number of White House events for over 20 years. Beautiful winery. If you are looking to stay or eat in Sonoma, the Farmhouse Inn is an amazing bed and breakfast. If you also have time to do Napa, my favorites wineries include Cakebread, Pride, Frog’s Leap, Schramsberg, and Sterling, and I love to eat at Mustard’s Grill and Brix. Have a great trip!

  • We just returned from a great trip to San Francisco with a stop in Sonoma and the Russian River Valley. I would suggest Kunde Estate Winery ( where you can take a neat tour of the “caves”. A unique experience. Also, stop by the Girl and the Fig in the Sonoma town square ( for a superb meal. Enjoy your trip.

  • Tad Bartlett says:

    Kathy Sautter at KC Web Concepts worked closely with me on my website when I went solo, and I couldn’t be happier with either the overall product or the value.

  • Larry Sheldon says:

    Forget the “Names”.

    Forget the ones everybody tells you to go see.

    Drive around looking for small wineries with few cars parked around them. Park, walk in look around, Yell “Hello” every now and again. Talk to whoever shows up. Buy a bottle, if they have one for sale. Take it somewhere, make sandwiches from the materials you thoughtfully acquired at the last town. Have a little wine with a little sandwich. Lather, Rinse, Repeat.

  • Laura says:

    For the website, we’d be happy to talk to your friend to see if we can help. We specialize in business websites – some on the complex side like but we frequently do simpler ones as well.

  • Bill Wilson says:

    As a self-confessed wine geek, I’d say if I could stop at only one winery in Sonoma County, it’d have to be Flowers. Some of the best Pinot Noir I’ve ever had.

    My other suggestion would be to browse your local wine shop–get a feel for who the “big guys” in the market are, and avoid them out in Sonoma. If you want to taste their wines, they are as close as your local shop. While in Sonoma, look for ones you can’t necessarily try back home.

    Bon voyage!

  • Hansel Harlan says:

    Have a great trip to Sonoma — it’s beautiful out that way this time of year.

    My sister, Veni Harlan, is a graphic/web designer who does outstanding work. I’m not sure if your friend is an attorney; however, at my self-interested urging, she recently started working with lawyers. You may have run into her at the Solo and Small Firm Conference — her company is called V-Creative. Her website address is Check out her site to see some of her work. In fact, I forwarded to her your recent photo of the colorful Art Market sign, as she’s working on an in-depth visual study of the lost art of commercial hand-painted signage in and around Baton Rouge. You may find it interesting:

    Keep up the good work with the blog. I’m a first-time contributor but a long-time follower and enjoy your frequent updates and eclectic ruminations very much. If you ever get up to Baton Rouge, let me know, and I’ll buy you lunch.


  • Karis Verlander says: Compulsive Creations is interesting. The do Mike West’s site among other locals. There sites seem to fit the personality of the subject.

  • Chris says:

    I’m envious. That’s of my favorite places on Earth. No vineyards to recommend, but there’s a great restaurant called The Girl and the Fig on the town square there (at least it was great when I was there). The Chowhound website ( could provide some guidance on food and wine.

  • Haven’t spent much time in Sonoma, but have been to Napa a number of times. If you have the chance, spend a bit of time there. Some of our favorite spots:

    1) St Helena (the small town main street strip)

    And some of our favorite small vineyards that are excellent wine producers:

    1) Casa Neustra (on Silverado Trail) – Pina (on Silverado Trial) – Ehellers (on 21) –

  • DanF says:

    Now I haven’t been there myself, but you might consider Arger-Martucci ( )

    Dr. Arger is a cardiologist here in Reno, NV and I worked with him fairly regularly at the local hospital (I did cardiovascular ultrasound). Like I said, I haven’t been there myself — you may come up with better suggestions, but I think it’s cool and he’s a nice guy.

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