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TV report on e-voting that should be worth watching

By July 9, 2004websites

Supposedly the next edition of “CBS Sunday Morning” will air tech-columnist David Pogue’s report on touchscreen voting machines, which 50 million Americans will use in November’s election. The E-mail alert from Pogue (a tech writer for the New York Times) sets the stage:

The main characters include Avi Rubin (the Johns Hopkins professor who analyzed the software in Diebold machines and found it disturbingly insecure); Rush Holt (the Congressman who’s proposed a bill that requires a printed paper trail); Kevin Shelley (the California Secretary of State who banned or decertified e-voting machines statewide); and representatives of Diebold and Sequoia (the number 1 and 2 voting-machine makers).

I think Pogue knows enough about the technology to get it right from that standpoint; and, more importantly, he’s a fair-minded person. So I think this segment would be worth watching.

Strangely, the CBS Sunday Morning website gives no indication that this segment is supposed to air. Also somewhat strange is the fact that the CBS Sunday Morning webpage features ads sponsored by Google.

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