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Tulane & LSU campuses among top 30 most ‘unwired’

By April 9, 2004Uncategorized

The Baton Rouge Advocate reports on the state of wireless Internet access in Louisiana:

As cities go, Baton Rouge and New Orleans aren’t exactly at the vanguard of wireless Internet technology, but their flagship universities, Tulane and LSU, rank among the top 30 “unwired” campuses in the nation, according to a study released Monday by chipmaker Intel Corp.

Tulane University ranked 17th among the top 100 campuses that offer Wi-Fi Internet access, and LSU finished 29th in the survey, called “Most Unwired Cities.”…

In Baton Rouge, the survey counted four commercial hotspots, none of which offered free public access. About 67 percent of local residents have regular access to the Internet either at home or at work, and less than 3 percent have wireless access cards. The study found that in New Orleans there are at least 27 commercial hotspots. Only 64 percent of New Orleans area residents have Internet access, and just over 3 percent have wireless cards.

Interesting, and hopefully it is a trend that New Orleans and Baton Rouge can continue to keep up with. I, of course, will do my part to uphold my fealty to Wireless Access.

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