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TruPhone saves the day

By July 20, 2008travel

I thought my iPhone would be able to work on the local phone network here in Panama. It did last time I was here, but not this time. AT&T assured me it would when I checked right before I left on my trip. “”Yes sir, you’re signed up for the Intenational option at $3.99 a month,” the representative told me.

That turned out not to be true. But doesn’t matter because I have the TruPhone app for my iPhone which lets me make low cost calls using the free Wi-Fi at my brother’s beach paradise.

TruPhone is a little buggy but unlike the AT&T plan, it’s free to set up. And, unlike the AT&T service, it actually allows me to make calls.

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  • even if the international plan would work you do not want to use it. What you wan to do is get a Nokia and use truphone Anywhere, get a local sim and a truphone number. check

  • I just landed in San Fransico, carried a SIM4Travel solution, however my truphone on the Nokia E51 is working at the Ritz Carlton I am staying. It even works over WiFi on the golfing range. I just love the service, I believe roaming from Europe in the US would set me back by at least $2 – 3 / min. With truphone it is just 6 pence (landline) or 30 pence (mobile), The service from my Nokia is such high quality, I love the SMS over WiFi capability. — truphone is helping me since about 2 years, I installed it on all my phones, my wife also has it currently traveling in Germany, her hotel has WiFi, so we are talking from California to Germany free of charge from truphone to truphone.

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