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Triumph of the improbable

By February 4, 2008new orleans, sports

People in New Orleans are happy for homeboy Eli Manning, who turned in a stellar performance in the Superbowl.  Many folks here were busy watching the Bacchus parade, but they were still excited for Eli.  New Orleanian Sam Winston watched the game from an Irish pub in Hamburg, Germany.  Becky and I watched it at a friend’s house and we cheered wildly when Manning threw that last touchdown.  What a pass!  What a game!  What a season!

Many people said that the Giants were an ‘improbable team.’  And most people said that the Patriots were an inevitable one.  This Superbowl showed us something interesting: sometimes the improbable trumps the inevitable.

I like it when that happens.  Inevitability lacks passion.

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One Comment

  • meg alverson says:

    We (New Orleanians now calling Manhattan home)never doubted Eli for a minute. He was stellar from theopening drive. Plaxico playing through injuries – whatheart. And the defense that just never quit. And what aparade! We didn’t even miss being away from St. Charles Aveyesterday.

    18 – 1 baby and all that counts is that 1!

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