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Treme is a helpful reminder of the way things were

By May 11, 2010September 8th, 2022katrina, new orleans

Pretty much everyone here thinks that the HBO series Treme, which is about post-Katrina New Orleans, is right on the money. The most recent episode, which aired last Sunday, takes place roughly in January of 2006.

I was talking with a friend yesterday at lunch and she agreed that how much we’ve forgotten about our post-storm adventures. We’d both forgotten about the shooting that took place at the Second Line, which was covered in last week’s episode. She echoed what I’ve heard many other people here say: Treme is often unsettling because it brings back so many painful memories.

I have a blog that chronicled my thoughts all through Katrina and after, but I’ve never really gone back to look at what I wrote. After watching Treme I wondered what I wrote about in January of 2006.  If you’re curious too, here’s a link to the posts from then (if you want to move forward or backward from that point just go to the bottom of the page and click on the links that say ‘Previous’ or ‘Next’).

I think it would be kind of cool if local bloggers could somehow create an integrated blog chronology.  Then again, maybe it’d be too painful. I guess I’ll just stick to watching Treme.

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  • Julie K says:

    In grief counseling they tell us one of the best ways to honor our loved ones is by keeping their memories alive. I lost my sister to cancer. I still grieve and miss her dearly. Time does not heal all wounds; the pain softens with time. It may be that now, four years later, you can look back and consider an integrated blog chronology, or it may take some more time, but preserving those painful memories for us to remember and learn from is important. We saw the best and worst of people, systems, media and governments. And only you, the survivors, can truly share the stories and memories. I don’t want to forget Katrina or the people of New Orleans. There is much to be learned from the person who says, “I lost everything but my Dad and dog in Katrina.”

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