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Tough Deposition Questions — Preparing your client for them

Tough_depoI know this sounds strange, but one of the things I like about litigation is that you never know for sure what’s going to happen. Most of what happens the world of law is boringly predictable.  Depositions are usually pretty droll boring affairs.  But in a sea of boredom there are always a few lightning storms. The lightning storms in a deposition are most likely to occur when the deponent is being grilled with tough questions.  Preparing your client to face tough questions is tricky, as this short video clip demonstrates.  Of course, for lawyers who practice criminal law, there’s always the problem of the client who incriminates himself before you’re even consulted.  Hey, no one said it would be easy, right?

P.S. If you appreciate these kinds of observations, you might want to read this as well.


  • Ernie says:

    It was a misuse of the word, and I appreciate the tip-off. I left the word in, but struck it out, so that it would be understood that I corrected it because of the comment. Thanks again.

  • Robert says:

    And obtuse, in this context, means you didn’t get the joke. 😀

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